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His Roblox Character.

BetterSkatez also known as BetterSkatez 2 (Youtube), Hentai Enlightenment Leader (Youtube), Theme Park Review is a Jerk, a Hypocrite, and a Bigot (Youtube),Life Support (Youtube), The Channel Owner, Norlisk (Roblox), Sakuyaisbannaname (Twitch), SuperTrollHDTV (Youtube), BetterSkatezalt (Wikia), is a Commonly well known who is part of the KrazyGames Army, Joined in YouTube in 2011 (Everyone else), 1993 (TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel ), or 1978 (BetterSkatez). He's been featured in videos made by Da Bezd Chanl , TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel, and KrazyGames known for making awesome videos commonly with the PewDiePie Bro Army Sucks and The KrazyGames Rocks of the start of it. He likes the rest of the people in The Bro Army has haters who are mad at them. His most viewed video got taken down by ThemeParkReview . He is the commander of the RFCCAA.

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