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His Roblox Character.

CODAWEnlighenmentRoblox also known as CODAWEnlighenment (YouTube), CODEnlighenment(Roblox), The Awesome Troll 1994 (YouTube), Jacob Middleston (Real Name), Call of Duty Fan 1994 (Youtube), is a horrible troll who joined YouTube in 1994 or 1978 (BetterSkatez), or 1993 (TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel). He was also known for making awesome videos on killing these stupid niggers from a shitty show called Robot and Monster and he also did shout outs to good users like TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel, XTrojan Reincarnated, and Energy Charge. He made a video called Top 10 Best YouTubers Ever and it featured awesome chnnels. But sadly, a copyright cunt named Finland Ball gave CODAWElightenment 2 horrible community guidline strikes, to which he pretended to commit suicide. Before he "killed himself", CODAWEnlgihenement gave his account to Akiko and he deleted his YouTube account.

On March 1st, 2016, Jacob revealed he was a troll the entire time. In reality, he's a stupid kid who plays Minecraft, watches PewDiePie, and hates Da Bezd Chanl. Now everybody hates this stupid nigger - Krazy Games fans hate him for betraying them, and Krazy Games haters hate him for pretending to kill himself.

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