The Fake CuteFuzzyWeasel

CuteFuzzyWeasel is a god awful Youtuber that joined YouTube in 2007, 1993 (TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel) or 1969 (BetterSkatez) who impersonated TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel and has brainwashed many people into thinking that he came first. He picks on awesome people like Mariotehplumber, Gligar13Vids and many other awesome youtubers with different opinions other than his trolls, bullies, and whatnot. Most of the people he's fed are awesome people but there are a few expections like xXTheAmazingMasterOfSwagXx, Yourcommentisinvalid, and Trisha Paytas who do really suck. This CuteFuzzyWeasel gets very butthurt over what the "trolls" have to say. Don't subscribe to this gut and subscribe to TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel instead.

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