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da bezd chanl is one of the best youtubers who joined youtube in 1478 Known for the best grammar and english and for liking the Best youtubers like Gligar13vidsRicksatan972IntelligentCoDFanboyKrazyGames, etc. He used to dislike Mariotehplumber until he found out Mariotehplumber hates Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. He is the best youtuber of all time. He likes to watch Mockbusters. He hates good movies like Inside Out and The Lego Movie. He likes bad movies like Foodfight and Ratatoing. He said South Park is made in 2014. But the truth it is made in 1997. He said South Park and Family Guy are a Rip-Off of Dora The Explorer. He likes bad songs like Justin Bieber's Baby and Rebecca Black's Friday. He likes baby shows. He hates Gravity Falls Fans est. 1997 and J-Law San Pedro (Who loves The Amazing World of Gumball, Star vs The Forces of Evil, and The Loud House). He merged all his best members to sing "Minecraft Sucks". If you like his videos, your channel will be terminated and if you make a new account, you'll not be in jail. Nobody that lives at your house won't be able to access YouTube for living with a meanie. On his profile photo, he put his name, the Minecraft logo, character in FNAF, and Mario with a No sign.

He likes Dora and Barney.

His ratings on UP and Inside Out have negatives.

He likes Norm of The North.

He likes E.T., Superman 64, Bubsy 3D, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, and Hong Kong '97.

He made a fake trailer of DA BEZD MOOVEE in theadrz 6294 B.C. F*** You. There were no movie theaters in 6294 B.C. Idiot! Movie Theaters exist in early 20th Century. VHS Tapes on 70s and DVDs on 1995. Idiot!

NOTE: Video Brinquedo is a bad company.

            Baby and Friday have more dislikes than likes.
            Ratatoing is a Rip-Off of Ratatouille
            J-Law San Pedro hates Gravity Falls and Shrek.
Da bezd chanl (1)

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