John Jackson '''(cockuptheass69)''' is an awesome youtuber who joined YouTube in 2012??? 1993 [[TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel]], 1975 [[Hentai Media Guides|BetterSkatez]] who hates [[Minecraft]] and likes [[Call of Duty]]. He makes awesome videos which are named "Minecraft Sucks" (like [[iTrollTV]] and [[MyloTheCat ArchivesVideos|The Anti-Minecraft Police]]). Sadly he closed his account but BetterSaktez and The Anti-Minecraft Police uploaded his videos. If you didn't know, he has a second channel called mike smith but he did not colsed that account. John Jackson has no involvement with [[KrazyGames]] but he does have an involvement with someone with an involvement with KrazyGames.

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