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His Roblox Avatar.


MyloTheCat ArchivesVideos also known as The Anti-Minecraft Police (Youtube), Mylo Carson (Real Name), AntiMinecraftPolice (Roblox), and Da Awzom Channel (Wikia) was a great Youtuber who joined in 1587 or 1993 (TheRealCuteFuzzyWeaselBetterSkatez he is known for hating Minecraft and FNAF. He was also part of the UTTP. He titled his videos "Minecraft Sucks" and he made fatality videos on bad users. He made an upset death reaction on Adolf Hitler dying and it did succeed. On November 22, 2015 he got terminated by the idiots of YouTube, but then he came back on December 14, 2015 but then he got terminated again. But then he came back but a nigger named King Warrior flagged all of MyloTheCat's videos and gave him 2 copyright strikes, so he made another channel.

Unfortunately, in April 2016, he closed his account and killed himself. We will never forget him.

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