Nintendo is a greddy company that cares nothing about money. They are copyright cunts that makes horrible games like Mario games, MetroidLegend of ZeldaDonkey KongSplatoonMinecraft, and many more. Plus their games rip off of Bubsy 3D and Call of Duty games. Nintendo is the worst company ever made! But the only good games that they made are Superman 64Hong Kong 97Hotel MarioThe Legend of Zelda CDI GamesWinter NES Game and The Classic Sonic Games. Even though good users like MariotehplumberSammyTheClassicSonicFanJared32434Mr.SmissbaSuper Jodry 64Jack ToadR0XMKethanisaboss64Jeffery SanchezTyler DiazLotsOfLogosBilly Bob and Mr. Questionable and Behavior like Nintendo games, Da Bezd Chanl respects their opinion on Nintendo. So on the bottom line: FUCK NINTENDO!!! Activison is way better.

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