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The reason why we used a picture of a plush doll of Boots is because Dora is ugly.

Penis The Explorer is the worst show on earth! It sucks major balls. Dora The Explorer looks like a FUCKING PENIS AND SHE IS FAT AND UGLY AS HELL!!!! The show has very bad animation and bad voice acting. And why the fuck does da bezd chanl and ricksatan972 like this shitty show! IT SUCKS! The show is for babies and it is very unrealistic because it has talking animals and animals do not talk in real life! Jacob Middleston, Energy Charge, TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel, Hentai Media Guides, MyloTheCat ArchivesVideos and The Real Nostalgia Critic would agree that this show sucks! Do not watch this show. It is very cancerous. Watch School Days insted.

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