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TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel was one of the greatest users on YouTube who joined in 1993. He was also known for having great grammar and liking da bezd chanl, BetterSkatez, The Real Nostalgia Critic, KrazyGames, PhyloFilms, Irate Gamer, and other good users. He also had a series called Feeding The Trolls where he ranted on terrible users. He also respected opinions and he subscribed to the best users on YouTube.

In early 2016, he was shot by a unknown individual, speculated to be either TheDarkLord666000 or PewDiePie, and died. The UTTP are currently hunting down both of these niggers.

Sadly, a horrible user named CuteFuzzyWeasel impersonated him and copied his Feeding The Trolls series, only he did videos on good users like Mariotehplumber and Monkey Game Guides rather than bad ones. He still makes videos to this day, despite that nobody likes him.

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