The Real Nostalgia Critic also known as TheRealNostalgiaCritic1929 (Wikia) is an awesome youtuber who joined YouTube in 1929, 1978 (BetterSkatez), or 1993 (TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel). He is known for liking da bezd chanlTheRealCuteFuzzyWeaselThe Anti-Minecraft PoliceGligar13VidsMariotehplumber, and other awesome Youtubers. His imposter Doug Walker aka The Fake Penis Critic lied saying that FoodFight! is the worst animated movie of all time but he is wrong becuase FoodFight! is awesome. He makes good videos and he made a prank opening to a shitty movie called Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs which got alot of dislikes becuase his butthurt haters can't respect his opinion and calls him an imposter even though Doug Wlaker is an impooster. You need to subscribe to him, he is AWESOME!!!

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